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Handbagio provides end to end supply chain solutions for crossody bags for women. We help you in the design and development of wholesale handbags, raw material sourcing, manufacturing, quality assurance, and more.
Leading handbag manufacturer in China over 30 years
Custom services including brand, logo, printing, materials, and more
Speed up your market with shorter lead time
Sustainable and durable products with low minimum order quantities
Wholesale crossbody bags

We help your dreams and vision come true!

Share with us your ideas for the next project. Our team will guide you in the whole process and provide the best solutions according to your needs. All details are evaluated, ranging from sustainable materials (body, lining, hardware) to embellishments, and more.
Sustainable materials
Printing techniques
Custom sizing & styles
Cactus leather durability

Material options

We offer quick crossbody bag quotes for 20+ sustainable materials, including recycled fabrics, natural fibers and vegan leathers.

Use environmentally friendly materials that are sourced with no carbon emissions. Green and healthier future. Good for us, good for our planet!

Recycled PET
Recycled Cotton
Pineapple Fiber
Bamboo Fiber
Apple Leather
Cactus Leather
PVB Leather
Silicone Leather
Recycled PU
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Film silkscreen before screen printing

Print in all colors

Your innovative designs will not be limited to just one color. We offer full digital CMYK printing, PMS printing, and more under different printing methods to stay under budget.

Screen printing
Direct to garment (DTG)
Heat transfer
Foil printing
Embossing & debossing
UV printing
Gravure printing
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Handbagio handbag design

Custom size bags in all styles

Creating the perfect bag for your project means choosing the custom size to fit your needs. With the right-sized crossbody bag, you will save money on shipping and give your customers designer handbags at affordable prices.

We provide custom logo fashion bags that can be personalized and move your style up a notch at quality prices.

Designer bags
Personalized purses
Custom handbags
Leather goods
Handmade accessories
Sustainable crafts
Get inspired

Sustainable construction

We source our ecofriendly materials to manufacture them sustainably, helping you stand out as a growing trend.

Fast turnaround

Eligible orders may ship between 25-40 days with priority turnaround options.

Quality guarantee

Wholesale crossbody bags are all designed, manufactured, inspected, and tested prior to shipment.

Custom printings

Design crossbody bags in bulk with digital CMYK printing, PMS printing, and more custom printing methods.

Certified materials

Unlike to common materials from other competitors, our affordable crossbody bags are made of GRS, OEKO-TEX, GOTS, and more certified materials.

Skilled craftsman

Our vegan crossbody bags are a common handbag solution as they offer a wide range of finishes and designs. They can be customized to suit your needs.

Why wholesale crossbody bags from us?

With over 30 years of experience, Handbagio is a skilled manufacturer you can trust that exceeds customers expectations. Just one step solution for a growing market.

We are a company that values customers' satisfaction. We always aim at producing and delivering each quality vegan crossbody bag that meets all your needs.

All handbags meet REACH, Prop. 65, European Standard - and more
We only provide crossbody bags that meet your requirements
Durable vegan crossbody bags made by skilled craftsmen with 100% sustainable materials
More competitive prices by dealing directly with a manufacturer
Our crossbody bags are customizable in all styles and functions
Sustainable fashion

Hot products trending from clients feedbacks

Handbagio deals a wide collection of wholesale crossbody bags, but also bulk makeup bags, factory direct accessories - and more.
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Stand out from the competition

Be unique. Grow your sustainable business. Reach more people.
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Estimated wholesale price

Purchasing products from Handbagio is secure. Not only investing money for your business, but also building trust with a leading manufacturer. In each purchasing you may need to notice these costs that you will incur.

Molding Fee

Getting unique products is what you need to distinguish from others, but for customized complex crossbody bags, we may charge you just for the first time.

Product Sample Fee

We suggest you get a sample to check how the delicate vegan crossbody bag is made for your project. This fee will send back to you after placing an order, so it's free.

Extra Fee

As many platforms, such as Paypal and Western Union, will require an extra transfer fee from your part. These are usually not low cost amounts.
Handbag craftsman

Shipping Fee

This is the amount of money that you will pay for the transportation of your goods from the factory to your destination. Handbagio offers you the convenience of any kind.

30% T/T Fee

You can decide to either pay the full amount, or pay 30% of the full payment for the factory direct wholesale.

70% Final Fee

Complete your payment within a certain period and receive the products you ordered for.

Standard manufacturing and shipping time

We work fast and accurate. Over time, increasing number of customers approach us, moreover we continue providing wholesale crossbody bags quickly and efficiently. Let's look how is Handbagio's whole process of manufacturing and shipping:
Calculate lead time
design and manufacturing

Design and manufacturing time

We select quality materials in our factories that meet your needs, and design them into your products during the manufacturing process.
packing all products

Packing all products time

Our staffs will pack the products finely in polybags and then in cartons. This process takes a short time.
custom clearance and loading

Custom clearance & loading time

Once the finished goods are loaded onto Handbagio trucks, these are cleared and sent to the dispatch points.

Sea and land transportation time

You will receive a notification once the products arrive at their destination. Then you can arrange to collect your shipped goods.

How to make wholesale crossbody bags?

See how we manage and produce to make affordable crossbody bags for you:

Starting with Materials

We select and inspect the materials that are needed for each vegan crossbody bag. According to the paper patterns & specifications, we calculate an approximate amount of materials that will be used to save your money.

Purchasing & Molding

Each of your project is unique, so purchasing of crossbody bags' components such as materials, hardwares and moldings would variate.

Cutting, Coating, Sewing & Printing

It takes place the process of materials' cuttings, hand coatings, delicate sewing and precise printings for your vegan crossbody bag.

Assembling & Inspection

We assemble various components like the inner & outer pockets, and realize a mid-term inspection.

Goods Inspection & Packing

After finalizing all components' assembling, we inspect the finished goods, and start packing them.

Sample the goods

If you're curious what our bags look like up close and personal, order Handbagio sample kit to see our sustainable materials and print quality options.
Request a sample kit

Basics of wholesale crossbody bags

Here are some facts you need to know about our crossbody bags supplies:
Where are your materials come from?
Our materials come from professional sellers of sustainable materials. For example, we source vegan leathers from Shiling, where you can find abundant leathers in affordable prices.
Do you offer free shipping of wholesale crossbody bags?
Unfortunately, no. You will need to pay a small delivery fee for your order of wholesale crossbody bags.
What shall I do if my factory direct wholesale order is delayed?
All orders are scheduled with anticipation. But in case of unavoidable circumstances and the order is delayed, email Handbagio customer care on the website to be assisted further.
Can you replace products that are damaged during delivery?
It happens on rare occasions because we ensure that all our products are well-packaged before being shipped.
In this case, please contact our customer support on our website. They will advise you accordingly.
How long does it take for me to receive the goods that I've ordered?
Usually within 30 days for none custom product, but 60 days for customized handbags. This is because we ensure that every customized handbag you ordered is uniformed and detailed.
Why Handbagio vegan crossbody bags?
Our vegan crossbody bags are made by experienced craftsmen with the finest materials. Not only high quality, but you can also be part of a sustainable market at affordable rate. We care much of recycling waste in the environment!
Have a look at how some of our clients perceive our goods and services:

Thank you for your ideas and advice. I really appreciate you teaching me about all of these things. We are grateful for our partnership and we really promise that this year and next year will be very very successful!

Catherine, UK

I trust that we will continue to figure out efficient ways of working together because we really believe we could be your biggest client of 2020 and 2021. 🙂

Tylan, USA

Thank you so much for the gift, it’s very nice – I love it. I also want to thank you for your great support and help. It was a pleasure to work with you. You gave us a great service, it couldn’t be better. I also hope to have more projects for you soon.

Laura, Switzerland

We love working with you and can see your quality is very good, we will have many future jobs to work together.
Anything you can do to make this happen for us and have it ready by the delivery date will not be forgotten and extremely appreciated.

Mia, Australia

Start your sustainable business with handbagio!

We will help you customize & design products, providing the best solutions for your innovative projects.
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