Recycled Cotton

Recycled Cotton

What is Recycled Cotton?

Recycled cotton, also known as upcycled cotton or cotton recycled, is a type of sustainable fabric made from recycled materials. Most commonly, upcycled cotton is made from post-consumer cotton waste, such as old clothing and textile scraps. However, pre-consumer waste can also be used, such as factory offcuts or leftover yarns.

How is Recycled Cotton made?

Recycled cotton is made by breaking down old cotton products and spinning them into new yarn or fabric. The process begins by sorting the cotton into different grades and colors. The cotton is then cleaned and combed to remove any impurities. Once the cotton is prepped, it is ready to be spun into new yarn or fabric.

Why do we use Recycled Cotton?

The benefits of recycled cotton are many. For starters, it diverts textile waste from landfill, and therefore has a lower environmental impact than conventional cotton. It also uses less water and energy to produce than traditional cotton fabric, making it a more sustainable choice overall. Plus, upcycled cotton is just as soft and durable as regular cotton, so you can feel good about your purchase knowing that it.

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