How does handbags manufacturing work?

Whether you are a startup business or a well known brand in the market, custom handbags manufacturing can be easy if you follow the appropriate steps.
Handbags manufacturing cutting textile

You have a handbag design, and we will make it into real handbags.

There are various things to consider when bulk purchasing handbags including:

  • Materials
  • Handbag sizes
  • Lead time
  • Quality inspection
  • Packaging
  • Private label
  • Payment terms
  • Import tax and VAT
  • International shipping costs
  • And more…

At Handbagio, we got you all covered with a detailed handbag mfg process!

Step 1: Design & Receive Quote

Provide your handbag designs and tell us about your specific requirements to receive quick quotes from our experts.
We work with tech packs and vector files in .AI, .PSD, .EPS, .PDF, .SVG formats. You can also provide images in high resolution from different angles or sketches for reference.
If you have not started your handbag mockups, you can request our catalogs for inspiration. Our R & D team has developed various designer handbags in the fashion trends.

Pantone Color

Create your brand palette with pantone color finder tools.

Private Label

Add custom printings and decorations to design your unique custom handbags.

Fine Materials

Choose quality and sustainably sourced materials that are certified. All custom handbag parts are customizable

Step 2: Confirm Order Details

Confirm specifications for your custom bags.

Order quantity

Depending on the needs for your next project, you may choose a specific quantity. MOQ (minimum order quantity) varies on the products and materials.

Materials Source

We work directly with reliable material manufacturers to produce wholesale handbags with quality.

Handbag Styles

As a leading vegan handbag manufacturer in China, we produce designer handbags in various sizes and styles.

Step 3: Sampling

Samples are made according to your designs and requirements, and sent to you for approval.

If you want to start feeling the quality of our custom bags sooner, we can provide you color swatches and samples in stock quickly. For custom handbags, it generally takes 5-10 days.

Once finished, Handbagio will deliver the handbag samples to you via UPS, FedEx or DHL, and wait until your approval.

Sampling fee will be charged to cover our cost of prototyping bags, printing machine settings, materials preparation, and finest craftsmanship. This is free of charge (turned back to you) once you place a purchase order.

Woman sewing bag parts

Step 4: Upfront Payment

We will send you a proforma invoice of the items selected with detailed information for your wholesale handbags purchase.
Estimate your needs
For new customers, 30% of the full payment should be paid upfront so that we can start manufacturing handbags in bulk.
For existing customers, we offer flexible payment terms.
100% L/C at sight available for large custom bags manufacturing orders.

Step 5: Handbags Manufacturing

Handbagio got you all covered in the production of wholesale handbags. It generally takes 30-45 days.

Material Preparation

We have various colors of different sustainable materials in stock. For custom materials, you will need to wait until we purchase and receive them from the manufacturer producer in the fabrics industry.

Pattern Printing

If any custom printing is needed, our experts will bring your design (PDF, AI or any design file) into printing machines for best results.


It’s recommended to use molds in stock. For specific molds, you can send us your existing molds for handbag manufacturing. You will be charged in case you cannot provide it to us.

The Body

We cut the material fabric in five sections, sew them piece by piece, and remove excess material on the sides.

The Strap

Two pieces of the material are cut, folded over each other and sewn together. Then they are attached to the custom bag.

The Accessories

Once selecting the accessories that you will need, the pieces are cut from the fabric and held to the bag to be sewn. Then we place the zipper and remove excess thread.

Step 6: Quality Control

Custom handbags manufacturing is completed and your bags are ready for quality management system standards.
Building trust in business is one of our main priorities, so we ensure that all products are qualified under strict standards. You and third party companies are also welcomed for factory visits to see the whole process of the handbags manufacturing.
Luxury leather wallet purse

Step 7: Pay the Balance

Once we completed the handbag manufacturing process and quality control, the custom bags are packed finely into polybags and then into cartons. Products are ready for shipping, you just need to pay the balance.
For new orders, balance should be paid before the shipment.
For existing customer orders, L/C at sight and flexible payment terms are available.

Step 8: Arrange the Shipping

We load all custom bags onto Handbagio trucks, and send them to dispatch points for customs clearance. You just need to wait until the products come up to you.
Shipping goods
Ocean freight shipping: the most economical option to ship international deliveries with no urgent time, especially for wholesale handbags in bulk.
Air freight shipping: choose when fast service is more crucial than cost.
Train freight: it takes ⅓ shipping time of ocean freight, and ¼ shipping cost of air freight. Only available for Europe and Middle Asia.
Express freight: the fastest and cost effective way to deliver. Generally used to send samples or small bulk orders of handbags to clients for reviews and pre-marketing.